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The Raymer team is excellent. Greg made the process as easy as possible and his knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated. I would recommend the team to friends and family.

– Catherine D ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about the process of selling a house, if you need help avoiding foreclosure, or if you just would like to learn more about us don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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This Isn’t Just A Transaction To Me, It’s A Relationship!

My name is Greg Raymer. Yes, I’m an investor, buy house in bowling green ky. I run an investment company. But I’m a human, first. In that picture to the left, those are my sons, Josh and Connor, and my three grandsons, JJ, Bo, and Paxton. Many fathers want to teach their kids about what integrity looks like. So do I. But more importantly, everyday, I want to demonstrate it as well do my small part of trying to leave the world a better place than what I found it.

As a foreclosure real estate broker, I’ve seen first-hand the devastation it can cause to a family when they have to move to a new – and most times worse location – after a lender is forced to repo their home.

With that in mind, I came back to a quote I’d read that said, “The real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people.”

So, to possibly give out happiness to other people, I decided I would offer a service to help families escape financial hardships through creative real estate solutions. I’m grateful and honored to be able to help the families we serve.

Who We Can Help:

“Help, I need to sell house fast kentucky”

There is a multitude of reasons why a person or family needs to have this happen. You are in the right place. Through a simple 3-step process, we can make you a cash offer and close, on your terms, in as little as 7-days. 

Vacant “as is” properties

There is nothing more costly than holding on to a vacant property. If it’s not fully paid off, there is a mortgage, there are taxes, there is ongoing maintenance that gets neglected. Each day, that house then depreciates. 

Properties that can’t be financed

We see this all the time. A homeowner contacts a real estate agent. The real estate agent lists the property in the MLS. The traditional buyer tries to purchase that property by getting a mortgage. But because of the condition of the property, the bank won’t lend the money to purchase. So the sale falls through. It goes back on the market. And this cycle repeats. The homeowner has now wasted 3, 6, 9 months… 

Distressed properties

If you’re behind on your mortgage payment. If you have unpaid taxes. If you’re facing foreclosure or have experienced a bankruptcy. If there are liens against the property. All of these things can prevent a home from being sold because the title of the property has been clouded. Sell inherited house Bowling green. For us, we specialize in these situations and help families escape them.

Financial hardships

With the rising cost of medical bills, putting people in extreme debt. Or rising unemployment, or due to a downturn in a person’s business, or high college tuition costs, many families find themselves needing to sell their home fast to escape this crushing pressure of financial stress. Each family is different. We customize each solution to each family.

Personal crisis / Family death 

With 50% marriages ending in divorce, Selling during divorce kentucky and 100% of lives ending in death, this creates lots of situations where a property between a couple, or an inherited property, may need to be sold quickly for financial or legal reasons. 

Our Mission: 

Impact & Purpose Above Profit: Together with ImpactClub® cofounders and members. To date, more than $2.5 Million has been donated to local charities!

How It All Started

ImpactClub® was born out of a frustration. The fact is, people want to do more to impact the lives of others, but they don’t know how. This was especially true for me. So with my business partner, Ryan Fletcher, we I joined the mission of ImpactClub®. We set out to build a community of likeminded folks, locally, who wanted to invest in our local charities.  

On December 19th, 2016, the first ever ImpactClub® event took place. That night, in just 1 hour, Tom Mitchell, founder of Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, received a donation check of $11,200 as the first ever ImpactClub® winner. 

Some Incredible Stories From Past Winners!


Rob Scheer
From Trash Bag To Suitcase

Comfort Cases has roots here in the community, with Rob Scheer, a Stonewall Jackson alumnus. At the age of ten, Rob’s parents died and he was placed in foster care. Rob carried what he owned from home to home in a trash bag. Rob aged out of the system at eighteen and became homeless. He relied on the kindness of teachers and he often slept in his car. Rob joined the military and then entered the business world becoming a successful businessman. He was starting a new chapter in his life and he and his partner, Reece, decided they wanted to adopt. They became foster parents.


Andie McConnell
Battling Pediatric Cancer

Fairy Godmother Project’s (FGP) became a non-profit in 2012 with a mission to ease the burden of everyday life for local families who have a child in treatment for a form of pediatric cancer. FGP provides support for our families from point of contact until the end of treatment. FGP focuses the majority of their efforts on the parents to alleviate their stress through both emotional and financial support, allowing the parents to better care for themselves and their families. Presently, FGP has two different programs that focus on the parents’ stress, health and wellness.

Project Horse Empowerment Center

Darcy Woessner
From Horse to Heart

Project Horse Empowerment Center is a non-profit that delivers outstanding mental health and wellness services by connecting children, teens and adults with therapy horses in order to build coping skills, deal with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive challenges, manage stress and enhance resiliency. From veterans with PTSD, to adolescents experiencing suicidal ideation, to women who are survivors of abuse, to foster children with early childhood trauma, we focus on high-risk segments of the population who benefit most from non-traditional approaches. 

We don’t just talk about Character. We demonstrate it. 

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Our Mission: 

Impact & Purpose Above Profit: Greg Raymer and our real estate company partners with Canine Companions for Independence on a local and national level

How It All Started

CCI is a nonprofit with the primary purpose to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. The partnership drives national donation efforts from our local real estate office to generate additional funds that will provide Canine Companions assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities free of charge.

Now I Can Conquer Anything
Give a Dog a Job!
Help us reach our goal of $50,000

We don’t just talk about Character. We demonstrate it. 

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